Discover the Hidden Side of Singapore Cycling Through Punggol

By going on a Singapore bike tour, you can discover different parts of the country that goes beyond the stereotypical tourist attractions like Orchard and Sentosa. While Singapore has five loops and trails that you can explore, the North Eastern Riverine Loop is ideal for those who prefer scenic views and wish to avoid massive crowds. The loop is easily accessible via Buangkok MRT and begins at the Punggol Park via the Serangoon Park Connector, although you are free to enter from any of the numerous parks along the loop.

The 26-kilometres cycling route allows cyclists a chance to discover the less-travelled parts of Singapore, from Punggol Park to Buangkok. Nature lovers will be delighted by the rich biodiversity and open landscapes along the cycling route, where they can capture some unique pictures of Singapore while enjoying their nature tour.

Join a Singapore cycling tour today to discover the hidden side of Singapore!

1. Appreciate the beautiful panoramic views

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At the Punggol Waterway Park, visitors will be treated to a stunning panoramic view of their surroundings that is filled with lush greenery and open spaces. With its simple beauty and riverside views, it is unsurprising that some people coined the Punggol Waterway Park as the “Venice of Punggol”. Apart from those who are there on a Singapore bike tour, visitors can also expect to see people spending their time jogging or even kayaking while appreciating the view. For a spectacular view of the sunset, visitors should stop by the Jewel Bridge, which was constructed from circular steel sections and has a unique design that was inspired by a jewel atop a ring.

The Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk is a must-visit area for those on a Singapore bike tour, as the reservoir edges along the Walk are designed to light up at night, creating a beautiful sight that illuminates the reservoir. The area consists of three thematic zones that offer an array of stunning views and experiences.

2. Explore the rustic landscapes of the Punggol district

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Visitors who are seeking to discover hidden parts of Singapore that are mostly unknown to the average tourist will be pleased by the rustic landscapes of Punggol Promenade and Punggol Beach. Those who wish to embark on a nature tour should undoubtedly stop by the Punggol Promenade Nature Walk, which is 2.4 kilometres long and situated between Punggol Point Walk and Riverside Walk. The Walk has several rest shelters and fishing platforms where visitors can take a quiet break or capture some stunning pictures of the picturesque views.

The serene experience will re-energise you, especially if you find yourself overwhelmed by the continuous streams of crowds in the central areas of Singapore. If you are looking for access to better views of the rustic coastline, you should head to Punggol Promenade, where you can also find some food and beverage stores near the riverside. You can also venture to the Lorong Halus Wetland from Punggol Promenade, which is now a sprawling area the size of 18 football fields.

3. Learn fascinating facts about Singapore

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Despite our well-known modern architecture like the Marina Bay Sands and Esplanade, Singapore originally had a humble beginning as a small fishing village where most people lived in kampongs – a traditional village. Visitors on a Singapore cycling tour along the North Eastern Riverine Loop should drop by Lorong Buangkok, which is known as the last surviving kampong in Singapore. Apart from evoking nostalgic memories for the older generation in Singapore, Lorong Buangkok is also lauded as essential for cultural and heritage education. As the kampong is home to 26 families, it is not an official heritage attraction, although this fact may change when it is redeveloped decades later.

Apart from the beautiful sights available at Punggol Waterway Park, you can also learn more about Singapore by spending some time at the Heartwave Wall, where you can discover what Punggol was like in the past. The short history lesson is ideal for any visitors that wish to what happened during the development process of the Punggol area. While it may not be common knowledge for young Singaporeans and tourists, the Heritage Zone in the park used to be known as the Old Punggol Road – which listed as a historical site by the National Heritage Board due to its past significance.

4. Admire the rich biodiversity of the area

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The North Eastern Riverine Loop is home to numerous types of fauna, from the bright Coral Plants at the Sungei Serangoon Park Connector to the Fruit Tree Trail at the Sengkang Riverside Park. Visitors in the area will have the opportunity to admire a variety of flora and fauna, making the area the perfect place for a quick nature tour. Other plants you can find at the Sungei Serangoon Park Connector include the Purple Fountain Grass, which has an unmistakable appearance due to its tall heights and unique colour. At the Fruit Tree Trail, you can find different types of fruit trees that range from starfruits and mangosteens to Island Lychee.

Other than admiring an array flora and fauna, visitors may be able to spot waterside birds that differ in colours, creating a marvellous image that will charm many people. The loudest birds that will capture everyone’s attention with its shrill calls will be the Collared Kingfisher and the White-throated Kingfisher, while lucky visitors may even find sea otters near the reservoirs!

5. Venture to the less-travelled areas of Singapore

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During your Singapore bike tour along the North Eastern Riverine Loop, you will get a chance to pass by many stunning areas that are undoubtedly worth the travel. Such areas include Coney Island Park, where visitors can find an impressive variety of habitats, from mangroves to coastal forests. The park is also a wonderful place for nature lovers and people who enjoy bird watching, as 80 species of bird can be found on Coney Island. Despite its many attractions, Coney Island is a relatively less-travelled area in Singapore due to its perceived inaccessibility. However, you can conveniently enter the park from five locations along the Loop, such as the Punggol Nature Walk and the Punggol Point Park.

Hop on your bicycles today and visit the North Eastern Riverine Loop to enjoy a fantastic time exploring the hidden side of Singapore! With its many recreational activities and beautiful views. Cycling in Singapore can be an excellent way to keep fit and discover new places that you may have never thought of going to before.

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