Free Walking Tours In Singapore


If you’ve ever wanted to explore and discover unique perspectives about Singapore from a local’s point of view without burning a big hole in your pocket, then our free walking tours about Singapore is just the place for you. Set aside two hours of your time on the weekend to embark on our walking tours to see Singapore from a local perspective while making new friends!


Our guided tours are led by our Chief Guide Leo Loo who has lived and loved Singapore for over five decades; in fact, his childhood home has even been turned into a conservation site at the heart of Singapore. Leo offers a poignant look into the history of Singapore and on our free walking tours, he will bring you into the past through his treasure trove of stories accumulated over the years, with some even passed down from his grandparents’ generation. Together with his passion for Singapore’s flora and fauna, you will experience a unique walking tour experience that weaves history, culture, and nature into a story like no other out there.


singapore old skyline


We have specially designed and curated free and guided walking tours for Fort Canning and Chinatown Singapore which have played significant roles in the history and development of modern Singapore over the years. As you join us on our two-hour guided tours, you will gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of how Singapore came to be:


Fort Canning Legends Tour


We will bring you through time from the establishment of Singapura to the first five kings of the 13th century, thereafter turning the page of history to the British colonial era in the 19th century, the years of suffering and conflict during World War II, and eventually to the independence of Singapore in the 20th century. Listen to age-old stories from our local guides who will help you navigate the murkiness and fog of history. Designed for you to experience a poignant slice of our past and connect deeply with Singapore’s heritage, this tour will bring you on an immersive journey through time and our history. The Fort Canning Park has recently been remade to show off our 700 years history so come join us and uncover the history of Singapore!


Chinatown Singapore Walking Tour


Our walking tour in Chinatown Singapore is a journey of discovery, As we walk through Chinatown you will see the old, our efforts at conservation, and the new, the business, the community. Our walk will bring you through both the Fujian and Cantonese quarter of Chinatown. Along the way, you will witness the diversity and unity of modern Singapore through how multiple races, ethnic groups, and religions can live and co-exist harmoniously together.