Tour About Singapore: Free Fort Canning Legends Tour


Temasek, a small insignificant island in the southernmost point of the Malaysia Peninsula, was a little seashore village making a living out of fishing and trading. This island was an important stopover point for seafarers en route from China to India and beyond. The first Chinese voyager set foot in South east Asia even before the birth of Christ and thereafter the Nanyang Silk Route was established.


Although the history of Singapore goes back centuries, our known history was only from 700 years ago when the kingdom of Singapura was established.


From the Kingdom of Singapura to modern day Singapore, this tour commemorates the history of Singapore and the significant milestones that have led to today.

Image: Republic of Singapore, during the 1890s, vintage engraving. Old engraved illustration of Singapore with river in between and back. Trousset encyclopedia (1886 – 1891). Credit: Morphart Creation /


Walk through the Forbidden Hill, and immerse yourself with the 700 years history of Singapore.


We will bring you through time from the establishment of Singapura to the first five kings of the 13th century, thereafter turning the page of history to the British colonial era in the 19th century, the years of suffering and conflict during World War II, and eventually to the independence of Singapore in the 20th century.


Listen to age-old stories from our local guides who will help you navigate the murkiness and fog of history. Designed for you to experience a poignant slice of our past and connect deeply with Singapore’s heritage, this tour will bring you on an immersive journey through time and our history.


The Fort Canning park has been remade to show off our 700 years history so come join us and uncover the history of Singapore!


Schedule: Every Saturday 4pm to 6pm

Duration: 2 hours

Meeting Point: Fort Canning MRT Station – Exit A (the exit closer to Liang Court)

Things to bring: Umbrella + Water Bottle + Adventurous Spirit

Price: Pay-As-You-Wish (Most people usually pay around $17-22 for a similar tour)

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