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Tour About Singapore is a series of food, walking and bike tours about the sunny island of Singapore brought to you by local home-grown guides with lots of stories to tell and share.


Our private tours focus on the historic milestones of our Singapore heritage, from the olden days of Singapura to the colonial era, and from the strife and conflicts during the Second World War to our struggle for independence and thereafter, the development of Singapore.


We recount to you the personal stories that have been passed down for generations, stories which have never been recorded in the history books and that are tied closely to our experiences and perspectives while we were growing up.


Singapore is a country of diversity and a melting-pot of people from different ethnicity and cultures. When you join us on our guided tour, we will show you the hidden gems and let you See, Hear, Touch, Smell and Taste the richness of Singapore.


Experience our tours in a variety of ways by either walking, cycling, public transportation or through a private charter on a bus or car. We also provide private tours specially curated to your preferences to give you a unique personal experience about our lovely country Singapore.

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Our Founder


Tour About Singapore was founded by Leo Loo, formerly a corporate man who spent his career as the fixer – the man that got things done in the company – having held positions in various departments ranging from finance to operations and sales.


In 2013, Leo traded his business shirt and leather shoes for a t-shirt and a pair of comfortable walking shoes.  He became a tourist guide and pursued a career to bring bus loads of tourist to attractions in Singapore.


He always felt that these tours did not show the spirit of Singapore, and he ventured into conducting tours for smaller groups, and he was able to show Singapore in a more personal and intimate manner,  His guests always felt the tours conducted allowed them to understand Singapore. More often than not, the expression made is,” I have been to Singapore”


One of the assignments that came his way was to conduct a food tour in Chinatown; Leo was the only guide for the tour which at one time was ranked fourth in Tripadvisor for things to do in Singapore.


The experience during these food tours taught Leo that visitors to Singapore are looking to learn the secrets of Singapore of how she became a success, much more than merely sightseeing the tourist attractions.


Hence, Tour About Singapore was formed to cover these specialised tours that go much deeper into our history and intricacies – we bring you Singapore’s past and present in a series through our custom bespoke tours.


Uncover our rich history stretching the last 700 years to the success of Singapore today, and experience our wide cosmopolitan diversity as you immerse yourself in our multi-racial and multi-religious society with everyone living in harmony, to understand the unity in our diversity.


So what are you waiting for?


Join us and sign up for our tours at Tour About Singapore and be enraptured by our passionate stories of Singapore!

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For the Foodies



For the Adventurous

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