Getting to know Singapore better has never been as fun and exciting.


Let our experienced guides take you on a learning journey that will open your eyes to the heart of Singapore.


Find out about how history shaped our land, government and people as well as what holds the different cultures and people together.


Understand how we conceptualised and planned a green and sustainable city while balancing a high quality of life with nature and conservation efforts.


Exploring a new city by bicycle will push you to use all your senses and interact more deeply with each place. Instead of passively looking through the barrier of the glass window of a vehicle, you will feel the cool breeze in your hair and smell the authentic scents of food, flowers and nature.


Pedal down smaller roads and explore places off the beaten track that no car can follow and feel the wonder of nature as you cycle through lush paths in a park.


Along the journey, you can savour the delicacies and local food that we will introduce you to, made more memorable as we share their histories and background.


Ready to embark on this adventurous escapade?


We promise you will leave us with a deeper insight and appreciation of the Singapore way of life.


Our Bike About Journey

The Singapore River Bike Tour


Capture the history of Singapore on a bike as we bring you on a tour along the Singapore River and waterfront areas.


We will trace the steps of Sir Stamford Raffles as he landed and cycle our way to the Esplanade Park and the old Civic District which features many historical government buildings from the colonial days. Along the way, we will show you how Singapore transformed from a sleepy fishing village into a modern metropolis and recount stories about how things used to be as we were growing up in the 1960s and 1970s.


From Clarke Quay to Esplanade to the Kallang River, pedal past iconic bridges and landmarks, learn about our urban biodiversity and be mesmerised by the sights and sounds of Singapore. Get to interact more closely with nature and architecture than you would otherwise on a bus or car.


Do you want a more adventurous and exciting way of exploring Singapore and learning about our history? Join us on this bike tour and you will not be disappointed.


Duration: 4 hours

Private tour: S$135 per person (Minimum of 2 to go. For groups larger than 6 people, special rates of S$90.00 per person will apply.)

The Punggol Bike Tour


Punggol is one of the newest housing estate situated in the North-Eastern part of Singapore and formerly a farming area now transformed into a nature-lover’s sanctuary.


We will cycle through Punggol Waterway that connects two reservoirs and also through Coney Island, home to a wide variety of flora and fauna some of which are critically endangered. Along the way, you will discover more about Singapore’s reservoirs and our water system and how rain water is collected from apartments for drinking before being treated for safe use.


This is a bike tour that will take you beyond the usual tourist spots and bring you closer to the heart of Singapore on our fun, exciting and learning route. Also, find out what ‘Punggol’ in Malay means and what is its relevance to the area which was a fruit-growing district in the past.


Are you an intrepid nature lover looking to explore a different side of Singapore seldom seen? Enjoy our leisurely Punggol Bike Tour as we bring you through one of the hidden locations of Singapore.


Duration: 4 hours

Private tour: S$135 per person (Minimum of 2 to go. For groups larger than 6 people, special rates of S$90.00 per person will apply.)

Marina Reservoir and Canals Bike Tour with Refreshments


The bike tour with a difference, our tour will bring you through the Marina Reservoir and we will cycle through the 3 Rivers and discover the 3 canals that makes up the Marina Reservoir.


The journey will start at the High Street Centre, riding along the Singapore River towards Empress Place through Beach Road, a quick Bite and Drink, refreshed, we continue pass the Rochor Canal to the Kranji River, Marina Bay through the Esplanade to return safely to High Street Centre.


Except for the stretch along Beach Road, that we may have to cycle on the road and cross some junctions, the rest of the journey will be on footpath and PCN.


Duration: 4 hours

Private tour: S$135 per person (Minimum of 2 to go. For groups larger than 6 people, special rates of S$90.00 per person will apply.)

Private Bike Tour


Do you have something special in mind that wish to explore?


Whether it is around the city or in our nature reserves, uncovering the history of Singapore or sampling culinary delights from store to store, we got you covered. Simply tell us where you wish to go and what you wish to do and we will customise a private bike tour according to your needs and wants.


Whichever the place, feel certain that you will leave satisfied with plenty of scenic photos, a full stomach, and a deeper understanding of Singapore from our stories and recollections of history – not bad for a day well spent. This private bike tour will be a great way for you to discover the sights and sounds of Singapore or if you prefer, to uncover the cool hotspots and top things you can do when in Singapore.


Can’t wait to go on a private bike tour? Let us know the number of people that will be accompanying you, what’s on your mind, and if there are any special requests.


Duration: 4 hours

Private tour: SS600 per group or S$120 per person whichever is greater (minimum of 2 to go)


How fit must I be to participate in this tour?

Our bike tours are designed for almost all levels of fitness. We stop every 5-700 metres to see an area of interest and also to catch a breath. All you need to do is be able to comfortably ride a bike.

How do I sign up?

You can contact us via sgbikeabout@gmail.com or approach the front desk of the Studio M Hotel if you are a guest there.

Who are our guides?

All our guides are licensed by the Singapore Tourism Board. More importantly, they are knowledgeable,experienced cyclists and trained in first aid.

Do you provide helmets?

Helmets are provided free of charge.

What type of bicycles do you provide?

Our fleet of foldable city bikes were specially selected to easily managed and simple to ride. They are fully equipped with signalling bells and lights.

Are there refreshments provided?

We provide each guest with a bottle of water to stay hydrated during our tour.

Will there be rest stops?

We will be making stops along the way if you wish to purchase additional refreshments.

What is the wet weather plan?

The Bike About Tour will be delayed or postponed if (1) there is hazy condition of  psi greater than 100, or (2)  a Category 1Lightning alert. If we are already along the route, we will take shelter under nearby buildings.

What if I have to withdraw?

Please withdraw at least 2 hours before the start time of the Bike journey (1.00pm). There will not be a refund after this.

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Our Testimonials

Singapore food tour testimony 1
A walking food tour is one of the very best investments of time wherever you are and this was one of the best.The tour with Leo was fantastic. I won't tell you what we did because that would spoil the surprise of how this tour opens out to make you appreciate Singapore on so many levels. He also introduced us to food that some Singaporean foodie friends had never even heard of. Top marks Leo. When I return I will do it all over again!
Singapore food tour testimony 2
Highly recommend this tour! I've been to a Singapore a few times after this trip and still very much remember everything I learned during my time with Leo (sorry for late review). Not only do you get the taste, but you get to learn about the culture and future of Singapore. A must do for all and great for all ages! 😀
Singapore food tour testimony 3
Leo who led our tour fulfilled many of our needs. He gave a comprehensive account of the development of Singapore, provided us with a range of foodstuffs typical of the country and answered all our questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. By enabling us to spend time (4hrs +) with a citizen of this amazing country we felt we were more than just mere visitors looking around, we felt we were truly engaging with it. Other reviews give an accurate account of what is provided ie a visit to Singapore Gallery, an incredible marketand various places to eat in or near Chinatown. There were only 4 of us on this tour which gave us ample opportunity to ask our many questions that Leo answered fully. A wonderful experience.
Singapore food tour testimony 4
Leo you're amazing! I am so glad that we did this tour at the beginning of our holiday. Leo is so knowledgable and passionate about his country and his enthusiasm is infectious. My husband and I learnt so much about Singapore as it is today and the food was wonderful. Gave us the confidence to tackle the hawker centers and sample some wonderful food during our vacation. Thanks so much Leo!



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