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Tour About Singapore

A cosmopolitan & cultural melting-pot just waiting to be explored by you.


Tour About Singapore is a series of food, walking and bike tours about the sunny island of Singapore.


Our private tours are designed to give you a certain depth in your understanding about Singapore while being presented in a fun way.


We are homegrown guides who have been showing off Singapore in many ways and we are passionate about sharing our country with the world.


From ethnic cuisines that will delight your gastronomic senses to the hallowed walls of temples and churches to an oasis of nature in the middle of a concrete city, every moment of your time here will be an experience in itself.


We will bring you along the secret paths of the Botanic Gardens, introduce you to gourmet stalls tucked away in streets that only the locals know, and beguile you with stories about our history and how things came to be.


Whether you’re a foodie, avid explorer, or simply looking for an adventure, our homegrown guides have got you covered.


When you sign up for our guided tours, we will bring you through Singapore and show you the hidden gems.


On our tours, you will See, Hear, Touch, Smell and Taste.


Come join us and see Singapore in a different way!

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For the Foodies



For the Adventurous

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For the Explorers

Our Testimonials

Singapore food tour testimony 1
A walking food tour is one of the very best investments of time wherever you are and this was one of the best.The tour with Leo was fantastic. I won't tell you what we did because that would spoil the surprise of how this tour opens out to make you appreciate Singapore on so many levels. He also introduced us to food that some Singaporean foodie friends had never even heard of. Top marks Leo. When I return I will do it all over again!
Singapore food tour testimony 2
Highly recommend this tour! I've been to a Singapore a few times after this trip and still very much remember everything I learned during my time with Leo (sorry for late review). Not only do you get the taste, but you get to learn about the culture and future of Singapore. A must do for all and great for all ages! 😀
Singapore food tour testimony 3
Leo who led our tour fulfilled many of our needs. He gave a comprehensive account of the development of Singapore, provided us with a range of foodstuffs typical of the country and answered all our questions thoughtfully and thoroughly. By enabling us to spend time (4hrs +) with a citizen of this amazing country we felt we were more than just mere visitors looking around, we felt we were truly engaging with it. Other reviews give an accurate account of what is provided ie a visit to Singapore Gallery, an incredible marketand various places to eat in or near Chinatown. There were only 4 of us on this tour which gave us ample opportunity to ask our many questions that Leo answered fully. A wonderful experience.
Singapore food tour testimony 4
Leo you're amazing! I am so glad that we did this tour at the beginning of our holiday. Leo is so knowledgable and passionate about his country and his enthusiasm is infectious. My husband and I learnt so much about Singapore as it is today and the food was wonderful. Gave us the confidence to tackle the hawker centers and sample some wonderful food during our vacation. Thanks so much Leo!
We met Leo on a group guided tour of Little India. We were impressed with his knowledge and the diversity of places that we visited in this part of Singapore. He managed to interest and amuse a wide range of ages and nationalities without any problem at all. We returned to the area later that evening in order to pick up on his insider knowledge for food and a hair cut! Having had a public tour with Leo, we then engaged him for a private walking tour of Chinatown. He met us promptly at our hotel and took us at our own pace through the business district (the old Chinatown and waterfront) and into the hustle and bustle of what we now see as Chinatown. We had fascinating and well-informed discussions on everything from exotic cuisine of local dishes through to local government and traffic regulations. My wife and I would highly recommend Leo for guided walking tours of Singapore. He must be commended for his skills in adapting these two walks to my wife's mobility constraints and our interest in social history ~ Paul and Rita Salloway